A woodblock print of the army’s western style drill in Yokohama. circa 1868-9.

Our Policy:

The Firearms Historical Academy of Japan is a group of researchers who study Japanese Firearms. The areas of investigation include weapons aesthetics & art, development, usage, technique, historic figures, industry, wars and so forth. We study, discuss and formalize, through publication, the relevant developments throughout the history of Japanese firearms since 1543 to the present.

Our Activities:

F.H.A.J. convenes for their general meetings four times each year. Researchers are able to present their area of study; as published in their thesis.

Each year we have 1 or 2 tours, to research historical places in Japan relevant to firearm history.

To date we have published 364 documents, totaling 926 thesis. We continue to preserve past historical documents and writings.

In the future we aim to further our international exchange and co-operation with other countries and researchers, and to translate all of our thesis into other languages.

A Message from the N.R.A. of Japan

By: Goji Sakamoto, Chairman of N.R.A.J.

F.H.A.J. was established as a department of the N.R.A. of Japan. Since it’s inception the F.H.A.J has been providing knowledge, academic assistance and research to the N.R.A. of Japan.

We hope the F.H.A.J. will continue their great contributions and efforts toward the betterment of our understanding and preservation of the history of Japanese firearms.